{"fN":"Ai Miyazato","hair":"ponytail","from":"Japan","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"Former golfer on the LPGA tour. Though small in physical size, Ai has a heart of a champion.","ext":""}; {"fN":"Chrissie Chau","hair":"long dark hair","from":"China","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"","ext":""}; {"fN":"Kristen Bell","hair":"blonde hair","from":"Los Angeles, California, USA","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"Kristen Bell is a young actress from Los Angeles who shows a lot of promise in the cage.","ext":""}; {"fN":"Laura Marano","hair":"hair","from":"Los Angeles, California, USA","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":" Actress and musician","ext":""}; {"fN":"Michelle Yeoh","hair":"hair","from":"Malaysia","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"Michelle Yeoh is an actress from Malaysia who brings a strong Martial Arts discipline to the table and is working to bring that experience to the cage.","ext":""}; {"fN":"Suzuka Ishikawa","hair":"dark auburn hair","from":"Japan","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"Suzuka is a Japanese actress. Bides her time being a Referee as well as a fighter in the cage.","ext":""}; {"fN":"AJ Cook","hair":"hair","from":"","outOf":"","wiki":"","ext":""}; {"fN":"Bailee Madison","hair":"hair","from":"","outOf":"","wiki":"","ext":""}; {"fN":"Emily Osment","hair":"hair","from":"","outOf":"","wiki":"","ext":""}; {"fN":"Hayley Orrantia","hair":"hair","from":"","outOf":"","wiki":"","ext":""}; {"fN":"Keri Russell","hair":"long auburn hair","from":"California","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"Keri is an American actress and dancer.","ext":""}; {"fN":"Mary Mouser","hair":"hair","from":"","outOf":"","wiki":"","ext":""}; {"fN":"McKayla Maroney","hair":"hair","from":"","outOf":"","wiki":"","ext":""}; {"fN":"Peyton Elizabeth Lee","hair":"hair","from":"","outOf":"","wiki":"","ext":""}; {"fN":"Haylie Duff","hair":"hair","from":"","outOf":"","wiki":"","ext":""}; {"fN":"Hilary Duff","hair":"dirty blonde hair","from":"Los Angeles, California, USA","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"Actress","ext":""}; {"fN":"Kelsey Chow","hair":"wavy brown hair","from":"South Carolina","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"Kelsey Chow hails from South Carolina and is an American Actress starring in Disney movies.","ext":""}; {"fN":"So Yeon Ryu","hair":"flowing hair","from":"South Korea","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"SoYeon is a current golfer on the LPGA tour.","ext":""}; {"fN":"Vanessa Marano","hair":"hair","from":"","outOf":"","wiki":"","ext":""}; {"fN":"Amanda Seyfried","hair":"long blonde hair","from":"Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA","outOf":"","wiki":"","ext":""}; {"fN":"Danielle Kang","hair":"long dark hair","from":"Las Vegas, Nevada, USA","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"Danielle is a bright and funny LPGA golfer who knows how to have fun and still be competitive.","ext":""}; {"fN":"Katie Holmes","hair":"wavy brunette hair","from":"Toledo, Ohio, USA","outOf":"Los Angeles, California, USA","wiki":"Kate Noelle 'Katie' Holmes (born December 18, 1978) is an American actress, model, and filmmaker who first achieved fame for her role as Joey Potter on The WB television teen drama Dawson's Creek from 1998 to 2003.
Katie is a lot better fighter than her record. She has to learn to challenge her meanness and not be so aggressive that she walks into trouble.","ext":"1"}; {"fN":"Stacy Keibler","hair":"long golden hair","from":"Baltimoe, Maryland, USA","outOf":"Los Angeles, California, USA","wiki":"Stacy was a WEE Diva. She has the longest legs in the WWE and probably in the UCC. She uses these legs effectively. Her favorite punishing hold is the corner foot choke.","ext":""}; {"fN":"Tiffany Thornton","hair":"hair","from":"","outOf":"","wiki":"","ext":""}; {"fN":"Daniela Hantuchov√°","hair":"reddish, blonde hair","from":"Slovakia","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"Daniela Hantuchova is a slim athletic former tennis player who deceives her opponents in the cage using a ferocious ground attack to keep her opponents from overpowering her.","ext":""}; {"fN":"Harumi Nemoto","hair":"auburn hair","from":"Japan","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"Harumi Nemoto is the current leader of the Aries team. Harumi brings power and skill to the team and is a competent leader.","ext":""}; {"fN":"Priyanka Chopra","hair":"long dark hair","from":"India","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"Priyanka Chopra joins the Aries stable bringing a lot of talent and skill in the cage.","ext":""}; {"fN":"Sandra Gal","hair":"auburn hair","from":"Germany","outOf":"Nashville, Tennessee, USA","wiki":"Sandra Gal is a LPGA golfer from Germany who is bringing a power game to the cage.","ext":""}