Madison Beer enters the cage and this place seems about to burst! She knows the fans are with her tonight. I see a lot of them wearing "I love Madison" T-shirts and holding "Madison for President" signs. Madison Beer appears calm in her corner. This skilled American fighter looks confident. "I'm ready for this fight! Let's go!" Vita Sidorkina plays with her blonde hair and smiles at Madison Beer with evil intent. It looks like she knows she can win today. This is the first time these two have meet inside the cage. Madison is the favourite by the betting sites on the Internet. Madison Beer comes with a 4 fight winning streak. Vita Sidorkina comes with a 4 fight winning streak. The referee of the bout is Lena Gercke. ========================================= Round 1 ========================================= Madison Beer and Vita Sidorkina touch fists in the center to get this fight started. Madison looks ready for action as she taunts her opponent, "Come on, Vita. Come get me you cheap slut." Madison Beer fakes a punch and launches herself over Vita Sidorkina. Nice move by Madison who clinches and pushes Vita against the cage. Wow...can you imagine being between these two fighters? Both girls are really locked into this clinch. This is beginning to look like some kind of romantic slow dance! Vita and Madison are hugging each other! Let's get on with this fight! We're trading sweat here, folks. These two ladies are locked together in a clinch. Vita Sidorkina's absolutely terrifying with her power in the clinch and is violently punishing Madison Beer with uppercuts! Nothing for Madison to fear as she blocks nicely. Vita misses a step and Madison sees an opportunity to counter her... A wicked punch by Madison Beer! She rocks Vita and puts her in a world of hurt. That looks like it hurts! Vita's Chin isn't looking the best. She's taken some damage there. Madison Beer moves forward looking for some action. She surprises Vita with double overhooks! Vita closes the distance with her opponent. She's definitely wanting some action and looking for a chance to land a hit. Vita Sidorkina tries a middle kick. Her leg shooting out... Madison blocks and steps away. Vita Sidorkina looks for angles as she throws a few jabs that are countered by Madison Beer's punches. Vita is on the receiving end of a great combo by Madison. Oh no! A bad move from Vita Sidorkina! She allows Madison to land a solid head kick. Vita is rocked with that one! Vita Sidorkina fakes a move and launches a kick right towards Madison Beer's chest! Madison blocks that and pushes her opponent. The look in Madison's eyes is pure poison! Vita clumsily fails here and it's time for Madison to fight back... Madison Beer tries a hook to the body! She hits Vita's breasts hard! Oh my! Vita will be wishing for a padded bra before this night is over. A bone shattering straight left hand from Vita Sidorkina! Madison ducks under...that one was too close! The clock says 2:00 in the 1 round Madison Beer moves forward, she's looking for some grappling action. Madison has her opponent in a text book double collar thai clinch! Both girls are tied in a clinch. Their bodies pressed against each other. Madison looks bad, I doubt she'll get many cover shoots after this match. I'd say her ego isn't the only thing being bruised here. The two fighters are holding each other close. Both Vita and Madison are taking a moment to slow things down. Close in action here. Both fighters are tied up in a clinch. A flying knee from Madison Beer towards Vita Sidorkina's face! She hits it! What a strike, surely that hurts. Vita can't take many of those hits. The fighters are clinching. This is as close together as their bodies can get. Madison Beer doesn't want to clinch as she ducks under Vita Sidorkina's embrace and tries to move away. Vita Sidorkina pushes Madison Beer forward and doesn't allow her to break the clinch. Vita is trying to counter now... Vita Sidorkina is in good position and is looking to change levels for the takedown... Vita catches an ankle and Madison is tripped to the mat! A very hard blow to Madison Beer's mid-section. That hit her with full force and has winded her. She seems hurt, I can see her eyes watering. Yes, she's on the verge of crying. Vita Sidorkina is in closed guard over Madison. Vita Sidorkina's in closed guard, as Madison Beer tries to roll on the ground. Nice reversal! Madison's now in full mount over Vita. Madison Beer is in full mount over Vita Sidorkina. This is a nice fight we're witnessing between these two Amazon warriors. Either girl could be the winner in what is becoming an epic contest. Vita Sidorkina tries to move on the ground and escape from the full mount! Madison doesn't want to lose her advantageous position and she struggles to maintain the full mount. Madison Beer is in full mount over Vita Sidorkina. Vita Sidorkina tries to roll on the ground. Madison knows how to keep her advantage on the ground. Madison tries to get some advantage after her opponent misses a move... Madison Beer launches a few punches at Vita Sidorkina. Vita covers herself well and then rolls on the ground. Great reversal! Vita Sidorkina is in open guard over Madison. Madison breathes deeply while on the ground. She's gulping down huge mouthfuls of oxygen. Vita Sidorkina is in open guard over Madison. " you now, bitch." From the closed guard it looks like Madison Beer is trying something here on Vita Sidorkina. She has a handful of material and is tugging at Vita's top. If that attire rips we'll see boobs and that'll be the end of this fight! Vita blocks the attempt and uses the opportunity to seize half guard. Look's like her dignity stays intact and her boobs under wraps, for now. Madison gets sloppy and Vita Sidorkina tries to take advantage... Vita Sidorkina moves on the ground... Vita remains in open guard. Vita Sidorkina is in open guard over Madison. Vita Sidorkina could be in trouble here as Madison Beer's trying to close her guard around her. Success for Madison! Nicely done, hopefully she can take some advantage here. Vita Sidorkina is in closed guard over Madison. Madison Beer switches to high guard and then tries to sink a triangle! Vita struggles and her head turns red from the choke, but she manages to slip her head of the lock! Vita is trying to counter now... Vita doesn't want to continue the fight in this position. She tries to get back on her feet. She can't do it! Madison keeps her on the canvas. Referee Lena Gercke is gesturing for both fighters to get back to their feet. She has seen enough inactivity. Both women get to their feet and catch their collective breath. Vita is wiping the sweat from her eyes as Madison runs her fingers through her alluring dark hair. The clock says 3:50 in the 1 round Madison Beer's looking to close the range with Vita Sidorkina and tries to grapple... Oh baby, that's a nice move. Madison shoves herself over her opponent and secures a single collar tie. The clock says 4:00 in the 1 round Both girls are tied in a clinch. Their bodies pressed against each other. Vita Sidorkina grapples with Madison Beer and tries an outer leg sweep. Sweet takedown. Vita's in side mount over Madison. Pow! An awesome KO by Vita! The Death By Bikini fighter put all 115 lbs of her body weight behind that and the result is a knocked out Madison. The winner is Vita Sidorkina by KO (Outer Leg Sweep) at 4:12 Round 1! Congratulations! Statistics: Madison Beer Punches 5/6 (83%) Kicks 1/1 (100%) Clinch strikes 1/1 (100%) Takedowns 0/0 (0%) GnP strikes 0/4 (0%) Submissions 2/2 (100%) Clinch Attempts 1/1 (100%) Damage caused 720 Clinch Damage 101,25 Ground Damage 0 Time on the ground 76 s Statistics: Vita Sidorkina Punches 0/2 (0%) Kicks 0/2 (0%) Clinch strikes 0/3 (0%) Takedowns 1/1 (100%) GnP strikes 0/0 (0%) Submissions 0/0 (0%) Clinch Attempts 0/0 (0%) Damage caused 55 Clinch Damage 55 Ground Damage 0 Time on the ground 76 s Madison Beer loses -27,23 ranking points after the fight. Vita Sidorkina wins 41,40 ranking points after the fight. What a huge upset! Vita is the winner! I don't think she even knows it yet, the Russian fighter seems bewildered! Madison Beer has had some absorbing moments tonight. She contributed to the enjoyment of most of the people here at the Amanyara (Turks and Caicos Islands). I'm hoping she can up the tempo in her next fight, then she should start to draw in even more fans. (295 points) That was a decent performance from Vita Sidorkina tonight. In my eyes, she read the fight well and wasn't afraid of engaging. Hopefully she can level out her aggression and do something about her hair, if she can manage that, then it's possible she'll go far in the UCC. (290 points) This is the fight I'd show people if I wanted to create new fans! How could anyone not want to watch Vita and Madison slap the living daylights out of each other? Amazing. Just amazing!